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Processing technology of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC-C) pipes - 2

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When setting the process temperature, the curve should be kept as gentle as possible, which is beneficial to the plasticizing quality of the CPVC resin. The sudden rise and fall of the curve is not conducive to the plasticization of the pipe. 

Generally, a "U" shaped curve is more appropriate.

The entire process temperature control can be roughly divided into three parts: barrel, converging core and mold.

The barrel temperature decreases sequentially from zone one, and the converging core temperature is slightly lower than the barrel temperature. 

In the mold temperature setting, it is worth noting the temperature of the die and the core die. The temperature of the die should be The temperature is lower than the heating section of the barrel, otherwise it will affect the longitudinal retraction rate of the pipe. Pipes that do not have requirements for the longitudinal retraction rate are not subject to this restriction.

The mandrel heating can be disconnected after the pipe is pulled out normally. The heat of the CPVC melt and the heat generated by the friction against the mandrel can fully maintain the temperature of the mandrel.


CPVC pipe is a relatively new pipe. However, due to the particularity of CPVC resin, the processing of CPVC, especially continuous processing, is difficult, which discourages many manufacturers and makes the promotion and application of this pipe encounter some difficulties.

NOVISTA has many years of rich experience in the production of CPVC compound and CPVC formula design. This article introduces the production of CPVC pipes through the CPVC formula and processing technology. It is hoped that it can be used as a reference for manufacturers who produce this pipe and are about to introduce it., so that the CPVC pipe can develop rapidly and healthily worldwide.


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