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PVC plastic is a heat-sensitive material that features a poor injection moldability, for which the reason is that an excessively high melt temperature or an excessively long heating time easily causes PVC decomposition. Therefore, the key to molding the PVC products lies in the control of the melting temperature.

PVC injection molding plastic resin

The heat sources for melting the raw PVC material are usually from two aspects, i.e., the shear heating generated by screw motion and the resistance wire heating provided by the outer wall of the barrel, among which, the former is the main source, while the latter is mostly provided during machine operation.

Due to the unsatisfactory heat transfer property of the PVC material, although the outer portion is heated, the inner portion of the material is still in a solid state, and even when the outer portion starts to decompose due to overheating, there may still be an unmolten portion inside. Various reasons must be fully considered during product design, mold design, and the plastic injection molding process, etc. In particular, the special PVC injection molding machine from outstanding manufacturers can be selected to create the ideal product.

The following are the considerations that should be attached great importance to during the injection molding process of PVC, in the hope of helping the readers.

(To be continued...)

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