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Top 10 applications of PVC pipes-3

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8. PVC Pipes for Fittings

The latest PVC pipes and fittings have proven to be useful in almost all areas because they offer a wide range of pipes, valves, and fittings. There are a huge number of connections that can be made using the PVC pipes as they are available in various forms like straight pipes, branch pipes, T-shaped pipes, and bracketed pipes. Thus, PVC pipes provide a multipurpose system without any cracks that are easy to install.

PVC pipe fittings can be used to make high-performance piping systems. They can help to connect the new units with the older ones using the latest materials to renovate the pipe network at the same time, helping to maintain complete system integrity.

9. PVC Pipe for Building Infrastructure and Structural Material

PVC pipes have been increasingly used in infrastructure and building materials over the past few years. The PVC pipes are an inexpensive and better substitute for wood and other types of building materials. The PVC pipes’ topmost use for building infrastructure is in the exhaust and air ventilation. In the construction of an air ventilation system, PVC pipes are installed in the ducts of the heating systems, air conditioning systems, and ventilation.

10. PVC Pipe for Coatings and Cable Insulation

PVC pipes are a bad conductor of current and electricity. Therefore, they are used in coating and cable insulation for electric wires, cables, circuitry, and components. Many common wires and electrical elements in today's electronics pass through a PVC conduit pipe. The PVC pipes are used to defend against human or environmental exposure, electrical short circuits, overheating, and any other kind of dangerous situations that can come up in the case of handling electricity.

Furthermore, PVC pipes offer a wide range of use in the modern world. The PVC pipes' capability to be handled diversely has led to its use in various recreational areas. The variety of shapes, sizes, thickness, colours, and transparency of PVC pipes has led to the diverse use of the product in recreation. For example, the PVC pipes can be used to make tents, shaded areas, raised garden beds, frames for greenhouses and carports, and many other recreational products.

PVC or polyvinyl chloride pipes have diverse applications because they are malleable, flexible, and can be used almost in all areas. The PVC pipes are used in both commercial and residential sectors. The application of the PVC pipes includes their use in plumbing, sewage and drainage systems, drinking water distribution, irrigation systems, chemical handling, fume, exhaust and ventilation ducts, and recreation purposes.

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