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History of Lead stabilizer

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Lead has the longest history as a stabilizer for PVC.

Lead compounds are a cost-effective form of stabilizer used for PVC. Their stabilizing effects are excellent and used for PVC products with long service life and required to endure longer fabrication (heating) hours. Use has been decreasing as a result of the Vinyl 2010 substitution commitment; they now represent only about of total stabilizers used in PVC applications. A number of different lead compounds are used in PVC formulations in order to provide optimum performance in a particular application. The main compounds used are shown in the table.

Types of Lead Stabilizer
Tribasic lead sulphate(TBLS),Dibasic lead stearate(DBLS),Dibasic lead phosphite(DLP) lead stearate(LS)

Properties and Applications
The major properties of PVC compounds incorporating lead stabilisers include:

(1)Excellent heat and light stability.
(2)Good electrical properties.
(3)Excellent short and long-term mechanical properties.

(4)Low water absorption.

(5)Wide processing range.

(6)Good cost/performance ratio.

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