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What types of products use flame retardants?

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While an ever-evolving list of new products—from hair dryers and small appliances to laptops and flat-screen televisions—is incorporated into our homes, offices and commercial environments, we seldom think about how the products are made. Flame retardants provide consumers with a critical layer of fire protection and are vital to reducing the risks associated with fire.

Today, flame retardants are used predominantly in four major areas:

Electronics and Electrical Devices

Television and other electronic device casings

Computers and laptops, including monitors, keyboards and portable digital devices

Telephones and cell phones


Washers and dryers

Vacuum cleaners

Electronic circuit boards

Electrical and optical wires and cables

Small household appliances

Battery chargers

Building and Construction Materials

Electrical wires and cables, including those behind walls

Insulation materials (e.g., polystyrene and polyurethane insulation foams)

Paints and coatings which are applied to a variety of building materials, including steel structures, metal sheets, wood, plaster and concrete

Structural and decorative wood products

Roofing components

Composite panels

Decorative fixtures


Natural and synthetic filling materials and textile fibers

Foam upholstery

Curtains and fabric blinds


Transportation (Airplanes, Trains, Automobiles)

Overhead compartments

Seat covers and fillings

Seats, headrests and armrests

Roof liners

Textile carpets


Sidewall and ceiling panels

Internal structures, including dashboards and instrument panels

Insulation panels

Electrical and electronic cable coverings

Electrical and electronic equipment

Battery cases and trays

Car bumpers

Stereo components

GPS and other computer systems 

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