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What are flame retardants?

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As the name suggests, flame retardants are additives used to prevent materials from being ignited and inhibit the spread of fire. They are mainly designed for the flame retardant of polymer materials. Generally speaking, flame retardants mainly play the role of endothermic, covering, chain inhibition and non-combustible gas suffocation to achieve the flame retardant effect. Materials processed with flame retardants can effectively prevent and delay the spread of flames when attacked by external fire sources.


Flame retardants are divided into two categories: organic flame retardants and inorganic flame retardants. Among them, organic flame retardants include organic phosphorus flame retardants and organic halogen flame retardants. The representative products of organic halogen flame retardants It is an organic brominated flame retardant; inorganic flame retardants are mainly various metal oxides,


There are big differences in performance, flame retardant efficiency and environmental protection among the three major types of flame retardants: organic halogen, organic phosphorus and inorganic, and their application fields are also different.


Various flame retardant properties

Compared with organic halogen flame retardants, organophosphorus flame retardants are characterized by low toxicity, less smoke, low corrosion, good compatibility with materials, and dual functions of flame retardant and plasticization. In developed countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, the market share of organophosphorus flame retardants is gradually expanding, and there is a clear trend to replace organic halogen flame retardants. In China, the development of organophosphorus flame retardants started late, and the market prospect is broad.


In the field of polyurethane materials, polyurethane soft foam flame retardants are mostly used in daily life, including sofas, carpets, seat cushions, etc., and downstream customers are relatively scattered; polyurethane rigid foam flame retardants are widely used in industrial fields, such as building insulation materials , refrigerators, pipeline insulation materials, etc., customers are concentrated in Europe and the United States; the main application fields of polyurethane thermoplastic elastomer flame retardants are transportation, civil construction, footwear, fabrics and other materials.


Engineering plastic flame retardants are mainly used to make polycarbonate, nylon, polyester and other materials. Among them, carbonate materials are widely used in televisions, computers and mobile phones.


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