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Product  Overview 

• Topadd®chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) products are performance polymers used globally in many thermoplastic and elastomer applications. They offer a range of properties and have inherent resistance to heat, oxidation, and ozone due to their saturated molecular backbone, which is further enhanced by molecular modification with chlorine.1 See Product Description. 

• CPE products are used as the major or minor component in a variety of applications, both as 

thermoplastic resins and as elastomers.2 See Product Uses. 

• Generally, Topadd® CPE products do not pose a significant health hazard. Inhalation of dusts can cause respiratory irritation, but good housekeeping practices will limit this risk

• Consumer exposure to Topadd® CPE products is likely, but no adverse effects are expected as a result of normal contact with them.

• In fabricating operations with Topadd® CPE  products, thermal decomposition can result in the release of hydrogen chloride, carbon monoxide, or other toxic or irritating vapors. Build-up of dusts can create a fire hazard.

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Manufacture of Product

• Location –Novista produces Topadd® chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) at facilities located in Shandong Province, China.

• Process– Novista CPE products are made by chlorinating polyethylene (PE) to form chlorinated polyethylene (CPE). The process is represented by the following equation and flow diagram: 

Product Uses.


Major applications and markets for CPE products include automotive hose and tubing,

ignition-wire jacketing, and wire and cable jacketing for power, instrumentation, control, industrial, and portable cord applications, as well as various high performance industrial applications such as hydraulic hoses, gaskets, diaphragms, and many other industrial parts. 


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