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What Is The Right Size Pipe For Your Main Sewer Line? (Types And Repairs) - 1

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What Is The Right Size Pipe For Your Main Sewer Line? (Types And Repairs)

Are you asking yourself, what is the right size pipe for your main sewer line? Well, you’re in luck. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about main sewer lines, including their size, different types, and different repair methods.

What Is The Main Sewer Line?

The main sewer line is the pipe that runs underneath your home. When you flush waste down your toilet, it travels through your drain pipes and connects to the main sewer line. From here, your waste is carried to the city sewer line underneath your street. If you have a private septic tank, your main sewer line carries your waste to your tank instead.

What Is The Right Size Pipe For Your Main Sewer Line?

Depending on your local plumbing codes, the main sewer line for residential homes is usually 4 inches in diameter. You may think if the pipe were larger, more waste could travel without getting clogged. But that’s not true. It’s not about size. It’s about water pressure.

If the sewer line were larger, the water pressure would spread out and slow down your waste flow. Because the pipes are smaller, the waste flow is more focused. Smaller pipes equal more pressure.

Here are other average pipe sizes. 

 - Toilet drain pipes are usually 3 inches in diameter.

 - Washing machines and laundry sinks generally need 2-inch drain pipes.

 - Shower and bathtub drain pipes are usually 2 inches in diameter.

 - Sinks usually require a 1.5-inch drain pipe.

Types Of Main Sewer Lines

If your home was built before the 1950s, it might come equipped with older pipes such as terracotta, cast-iron, and orangeburg. If your home was built after the 1970s, it might come equipped with plastic pipes such as PVC or ABS. Let’s talk about each one.

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