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Top 10 applications of PVC pipes-2

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2. PVC Pipe for Waste Handling and Control

PVC pipes are most frequently used in waste management and control. They are used for waste management in various places, like commercial buildings, industrial areas, modern societal infrastructure, and so on. PVC pipes are installed in wastewater transportation, swears, drains, vents connected to different buildings and equipment.


PVC pipes are installed in toilets, sinks, and liquid handling devices that are used in drains, vents, and waste (DWV) management. PVC pipes are useful in DWV applications because they have synthetic properties such as resistance to corrosion, rust, and microbiological layer growth, as well as improved plasticity and bend strength. Therefore, they have an upper hand over the other metal piping and can benefit from inventing, managing, and waste control.

3. PVC Pipes for Rainwater Management

PVC pipes are at the forefront in facilitating the rainwater harvesting system. The PVC pipes provide an ideal solution for the maintenance and distribution of the rainwater. The rainwater is carried from the rooftop through the PVC pipes down into a storage or harvesting system. The fitting material that is used to connect the channel has special sockets so that they can be fitted easily and avoid leakage. The PVC pipes provide an advantage over the iron pipes that rust easily. They also come in various sizes and can be installed easily based on the need for the harvesting system. The high-quality PVC pipes ensure that there is no crack or bend in the system and have a UV stabilizer.


4. PVC Pipes for Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the largest and important sectors and is incomplete without PVC pipes. PVC pipes are used for all important functions of agriculture from bore-well to water irrigation, sprinklers and spraying of pesticides and fertilizers. PVC agricultural pipes are used for irrigation and pest control activities at farms. PVC pipes are resistant to all sorts of chemicals, corrosion, soil and fire. This makes them the best fit to be used for the transportation of pesticides and fertilizers into a farm. PVC agricultural pipes are very, do not require any maintenance and in optimum conditions last for more than 50 years.

5. PVC Pipe for Fire Sprinklers

The PVC pipes have been approved to be used in the case of a light-hazard and multipurpose sprinkler system. PVC pipes are commonly used in the fire sprinkler system set up in public places like museums, theatres, libraries as well as in hotels, offices, and private buildings. The PVC pipes are immune to corrosion, scale, or any microbiological layer formation that leads to them being durable, low in maintenance as opposed to the traditional iron pipes. The PVC pipes used in the fire sprinkler system are not combustible and do not contribute to flashover. PVC pipes are light in weight, can be easily assembled in a small space, and offer non-corrosive properties.

6. PVC Pipes for Industrial Use

PVC pipes have proven to be beneficial for use in the industrial sector. PVC piping can handle a wide range of substances, from cold water to the transport of hazardous chemicals. The property of high resistance to corrosion of the PVC pipes makes them extremely useful in industrial settings. The piping system for industrial use is required to be robust to endure the rough environment to carry chemicals or harmful waste. Thus, the PVC pipes meet this requirement and provide safe transportation for most of the substances in the industry.  

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