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Polyvinyl Chloride: An important part of your interior-3

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If you are a very environmentally conscious person in using the resources, then you can reuse, recycle and create a series of objects from PVC pipes. 

The PVC pipes can be heated and molded to form a variety of different shapes and sizes resulting in a collection of uniquely formed pieces like a totem, stool, and designer vases. 

Designers also recycle PVC tubes into comfortable furniture structures like ‘chairs’. By splitting the plastic tubes and bending them using heat, the designer created the shapes needed for the different parts of the chair. The chair is lightweight as it only uses hollow PVC tubes and light wood. The designer chose to sandblast the PVC tubes to give them a sophisticated finish, disguising the material’s ordinary surface.


PVC material is the world’s most popularly used material in building, interior, and architecture. 

In numerous applications of PVC pipes and fittings, they are replacing conventional materials like copper, iron, and wood. They have unquestionably improved the interior operations in various manners at the same time they also provide a huge amount of flexibility. PVC pipes expand the entire quality, cost-effectiveness, and wellbeing of products, letting them be environmentally friendly and durable. They are used in interior designing since it has non-toxic properties and the capacity to bring charm to every interior room or space.

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