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Topadd® Acrylic processing Aid

Topadd® PAseries products are the new generation of acrylic acid fats PVC processing aid. which is made through methyl acrylic ester polymerized with acrylic ester in emulsion and pressure spray drying process. ProPA is aim to promote plastication, promote material melt body intensity, increase product varnish, and improve the weather resistance, resistance to out door ageing. It is especially suitable for the outdoor products.

ACR Processing Aids Grades and application



Major application


Excellent comprehensive property, It is fit for all kinds of PVC low foamed product

0-8mm Foaming board ,Foaming profile .

Pvc pipe , sheet , profile with high filler


It has super melt strength and fluidity, it is fit for the working formulation with high fillings.

8-18mm Foaming board ,Foaming profile .Pvc pipe , sheet with high filler


It is a general purpose processing aid based on medium-high molecular weight

rigid PVC products such as window profile, PVC pipes, PVC pipe fitting ,sheet etc


Improving melt flowing,pvc gelation ability and surface quality

rigid PVC products such as PVC pipes, PVC pipe fitting ,sheet etc


Polymer type of external lubricant with part of process property

PVC,rigid calendered film and sheets, rigid bottles, window profiles etc. 


Low molecular weight acrylic polymer, improve the processability and the surface quality

PVC Sheets, film, bottles, and transparent pvc products

# This product includes several different grades.



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