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Lead-based-PVC-stabilizer-for-pipe-board.jpgNOVISTA NV series One-Pack Lead PVC stabilizers are produced by metal compound stabilizer with the amount of chelating agent, lubricants and other internal and external components with the company's unique processing technology. The product contains the right amount of complex antioxidant system and other functional polymer additives, which can significantly increase finished goods' performance and improve the surface luster.

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price-calcium-stearate-plastic-additives-pvc-stabilizer.pngNOVISTA NV series Ca-Zn PVC stabilizers are mainly multifunction Ca-Zn compound stabilizers with environmental protection. lt is made through special processing technology and does NOT contain Lead, Cadmium, Tin and other banned ingredients. lt is in line with the EU-ROHS Directive requirements and certified by SGS testing. Safety environmental protection indexes meet the relevant requirements. The product can also replace the expensive organic tin stabilizer in the formulations of the rigid PVC transparent products.


PVC Stabilizer for PVC Pipe

(One-pack stabilizer: NV-20212/20311/21212/22312/23212; Ca Zn stabilizer: NV-720021/720123/720323; 

Methyl Tin Stabilizer: T181)

PVC Stabilizer for PVC Fitting

(One-pack stabilizer: NV-32112/33112; Ca Zn stabilizer: NV-730123; Methyl Tin Stabilizer: T181)

PVC Stabilizer for PVC Profile

(One-pack stabilizer: NV-12212/16111; Ca Zn stabilizer: NV-710123; Methyl Tin Stabilizer: T181)

PVC Stabilizer for PVC Foam board

(One-pack stabilizer: NV-51212/52212/53211/53212/54211; Ca Zn stabilizer: NV-750023; 

Methyl Tin Stabilizer: T181)

PVC Stabilizer for PVC Wall panel

(One-pack stabilizer: NV-51211; Ca Zn stabilizer: NV-750123WP/750223WP/750323WP; Methyl Tin Stabilizer: T181)

PVC Stabilizer for SPC/WPC Floor

(One-pack stabilizer: NV-51211; Ca Zn stabilizer: NV-750021FL; Methyl Tin Stabilizer: T181)  

Ca-Zn PVC stabilizer for Cable & Wire


Ca-Zn PVC stabilizer for Soft PVC


One-Pack PVC Lead Stabilizer for PVC Rigid Products


One-Pack PVC Lead Stabilizer for High Filler Products



Products- stabilizers

Products- stabilizers


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