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How To Use Textile Flame Retardant

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How To Use Textile Flame Retardant

1. Spray method: The fabric should be kept clean and dry before treatment. When spraying, the spray should be sprayed through, and it can be dried or dried naturally.

2. Dipping method: the treated fabric is dipped-pressed (rolling rate: 70%)-dried.

Usage: According to the adsorption of the fabric, the dilution ratio of the flame retardant, from the original solution to the maximum dilution ratio of 50% Flame retardant: 50% water, should be determined according to the actual situation. In general, it is recommended to use 70% flame retardant: 30% water.

Dosage: Fabric, under normal circumstances, 100 grams of fabric, standard width of 1.5 meters, each linear meter consumes about 50-80 grams of flame retardant. For carpets, about 120-150 grams of flame retardant is consumed per square meter. It should be determined according to the actual situation of the carpet.


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