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Wood Flame Retardant Classification...

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Wood Flame Retardant Classification...

(1) Basic chemical properties (inorganic, organic, etc.)

(2) The flame-retardant elements or the combination of flame-retardant elements (phosphorus, nitrogen, halogen, etc.)

(3) The method of adding flame retardant to the material (additive type, reactive type)

(4) Compound type (acid, alkali, ether, ester, oxide, hydroxide, salt, etc.)

(5) Mechanism of action (physical or chemically active flame retardant, gas phase or condensed phase flame retardant)

(6) Durability of flame retardant effect (light, heat, chemicals and water, etc.)


Novista Group supplies DBDPE, BDDP, FR245, TTBPSR130 to global market.


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