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The Development Trend Of Wood Flame Retardant

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1) In view of the development of science and technology, in a long period of time, the phosphorus-nitrogen-boron water-based flame retardant system will still be the mainstream of wood flame retardants. Future work is mainly to further improve the resistance to loss and migration. And reduce costs.

2) With the progress of society, people's performance requirements for materials are not only higher and higher, but also more and more comprehensive. Wood protection agents with flame retardant, anti-corrosion, insect prevention, anti-loss and dimensional stability will become wood The main development direction of flame retardants.

3) When a fire occurs, direct casualties and indirect property losses caused by heavy smoke, especially toxic smoke, and indirect property losses caused by hindering rescue operations are often no less than fire losses. Smoke suppression research will become important for wood fire retardants. Subject.

4) With the gradual deepening of people's understanding of flame retardant mechanism, the research of new flame retardant system will wait for attention. It is expected that the intumescent flame retardant system, which has been rapidly developed in the field of synthetic polymer materials, will play a role in the field of wood composite materials.

5) Due to the non-biodegradability of plastics, the amount of recycled plastics will increase dramatically in the next few years, which provides a raw material basis for the manufacture of new thermoplastics-wood composite materials. Such materials will fundamentally avoid the release of free formaldehyde from formaldehyde resin adhesives and the release of formaldehyde due to slow decomposition during use. The flame retardancy of thermoplastics-wood composites will become a new issue for the flame retardancy of wood materials.

6) Porous fire-retardant wood is easier to release fire-retardant, so the impact of wood fire-retardant on personal safety and environment during the production and use process will become an important factor restricting the development of wood fire-retardant. The impact of wood fire retardant treatment on human health and living environment is an important subject of wood fire retardant research.


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