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What Are Advantages Of Functional Flame Retardant Masterbatch?

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What Are Advantages Of Functional Flame Retardant Masterbatch?

1. High flame-retardant efficiency

Flame-retardant masterbatch is based on a reasonable formula, through the organic combination of flame retardant, lubricating dispersant and carrier, after mixing and mixing uniformly, it is extruded and granulated. After being mixed with plastics, they are more dense and uniform; Meanwhile, the flame-retardant masterbatch contains a dispersant and high melting index carrier, which means it will be dispersed better, so that every flame-retardant molecule can exert the flame-retardant effect, thereby improving fire resistance efficiency.



2. Diversified functions

The main feature of flame-retardant masterbatch is the functionalization of flame-retardant masterbatch. With the advancement of science and technology, equipment and materials are constantly improving, and the functionalization of flame-retardant masterbatches is becoming more and more mature. Customers can directly add a certain proportion of functional flame-retardant masterbatch, simply and evenly mix with plastic raw materials, and then they can be molded into the required qualified products at one time, which greatly saves processing costs and processing time, and reduces energy consumption.


3. Easy to use, environmentally friendly and dust-free

Flame-retardant masterbatch is mostly spherical or cylindrical particles, the size is exactly the same as general plastic particles, easy to weigh and feed, realize automatic suction or electronic weight feeding. The whole process is dust-free and clean, reduces volatilization and waste, improves the working environment, improves work efficiency.



4. Good compatibility with plastic resin

Reasonable flame-retardant masterbatches are specially designed according to their different functional requirements to solve their compatibility with different resins, so that even if they are added in a large amount in the resin, they will not produce layers, blooming, white spots and other issues. It has better compatibility with materials and better performance; the surface of final product is smooth and the processing technology is much more easy.


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