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Topolymer® ASA Modified Material


ASA granules

ASA modified material as a new type of weathering material is widely used in color co-extrusion profile, pipe, internal and external wall plate, synthetic resin tile industry, and injection application such as Automotive Part (Radiator Grill, Side Mirror). Our company also develop new application of Wood Plastic co-extrusion in recent years.

ASA modified material is made from ASA resin, light stabilizer, ultraviolet absorber, dispersing agent, lubricant, enhancer, modified nucleating agents, coupling agents, and high quality colored pigment. We choose these materials strictly and purchase them from top producer in the world such as Basf, Honeywell, orion etc.


ASA Co-extrusion Modified Material

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ASA Injection Modified Material

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  Rooing sheet ASA surfaced    Car rearview mirrorASA roofing tiles

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