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 Topolymer™  CPVC Resin

Brief Introduction 

The CPVC resin is made by chlorination modification of PVC resin and is one advanced engineering material. The product is white or canary loose grain or powder with no smell,odorless and innocuity. After chlorination, the irregularity of molecular bond of the PVC resin and the polarity of molecular chain increase,the dissolvability and chemical stability of the resin also increases from 56.7% to 63-69% and vicat softening temperature from 72-82°C  to 90-125°C,its highest service temperature can reach 110°C and long-term service temperature can reach 95°C. Accordingly, CPVC is one kind of advanced engineering plastic with vast foreground. 

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With many years' production experience, we develop and improve advance water suspension chlorination technology to produce cpvc resin, Under this processing, the cpvc resin have excellent property of heat resistance and processing performance. Our quality have been up to the top level in China and can replace international top suppliers', such as Arkema, Seksui, Kaneka.

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02.jpgExtrusion Grade For CPVC Pipe                    02.jpgInjection Grade For CPVC Fitting 

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